By Christian Dee

MANILA, Philippines – On Sunday morning, November 27, five people died in shooting and chopping incidents in Lantapan, Bukidnon.

According to the Lantapan Municipal Police Station, an incident killed 4 members of the family, including a minor, after a shooting inside Mael Lugnasan’s house which was firstly invaded by the six suspects.

Lugnasan survived from the gunning, however received a bullet wound in the stomach.

Following the incident in Mael’s house, the suspects headed to Daniel Lugnasan’s house, which killed him after his body got chopped by the perpetrators using bolo.

Three of the suspects of the horrific crime were arrested by the authorities, while the other 3 remain wanted.

The Lantapan police said it is possible that the motive of the killings was a fight over land.

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