Brazil may be striving in its battle versus coronavirus, but it is on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical development with large-scale trials and the production of doses on the scope.

President Jair Bolsonaro tested positive on COVID-19 last Tuesday as he quoted that coronavirus is spreading quickly across the Latin American nation. He created the necessary conditions for testing a vaccine’s efficiency.

The leaders for two of the most advanced vaccine projects will carry out Phase Three tests, the last test before this drug is approved, on thousands of Brazilian volunteers.

“With 65,000 deaths in the country due to the pandemic, Brazil is a good testing ground since the virus is still very present in the country and there is a wide variety of epidemiological characteristics.” Margaret Dalcomo, a researcher at FIOCRUZ, the research organization that will help produce the Oxford vaccine, told AFP.

If the vaccine passes the clinical trials, Brazil will be entitled to produce 70 million additional doses at an estimated cost of $2.30 each.

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