Philosophers meditate on the meaning of life, Priests try to find God in all things, and scientists try to find order amidst the chaos. But Real Men know the score on what really matters: Is my rooster the best in the cockpit? Is a tiny pen really mightier than the sword? Do bigger toys mean better playtime? To be shlong or to be short, which is better? 

In other words, does size matter? Four out of five (80%) women yes! And another survey says that only two in five women (42%) are truly satisfied with their partners’ weapons. And while you might think thingo is a mega mandingo, it’s probably below average: the world’s average penis size is around 5.2 inches, while your proud Filipino heritage is probably within the average of just 4.2 inches.

And besides, penis size is related not only to sexual life but mental health and self-confidence as well. You’re probably overcompensating with a bigger SUV because what you have down there is just an owner-type jeepney. Oh yes, we know and so do the women. Those who speak loudly are probably carrying a small stick. 

Here’s a solid fact, no citations needed: men are obsessed with their bodies just like women, especially when it comes to their equipment. Men are obsessed with their performance too, whether in the boardroom or in the bedroom. So why not make sure your rifle is ready before you cock it by taking  Achilles Rise!

Achilles Rise is an FDA-approved, proprietary blended topical gel used for enhanced sexual activity and masculinity. It’s a cool gel emollient that is infused with concentrated maca extract and pepha tight – natural ingredients for penis enlargement and vascular simulation. Achilles Rise, paired with penile exercises, is the perfect weapon for the modern-day man to grow 4-7cm extra within a few weeks. It’s also powered with Centella Asiatica extract to further boost libido and increase sexual pleasure.

Achilles Rise also promotes erection and added vigor, helping you perform your best in bed; as well as prepare your penis for Penile Lengthening Exercises – “Jelqing.” Jelqing exercises, done with Achilles, allow one to attain permanent gains in terms of penis enlargement. The Achilles Rise 50ml bottle retails at Php 899. The package itself comes with a manual on different Jelqing techniques for E-Z use.

Through Achilles Rise, you can unleash the beast without going under the skalpel. Boost your sex life and self-confidence and be the best you can be in the streets and under the sheets. Don’t just ask whether size matters, answer it yourself! Or better yet, ask your partner. You’ll know it matters when she screams “Yes, Yes, Yes!” 

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