By Jim Lloyd Dongiapon

[Trigger Warning: Suicide]

A 22-year-old man was successfully saved after attempting to commit suicide by jumping off the IBT Overpass along the Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat Highway in Barangay Divisoria, Zamboanga City Monday evening, January 16.

Initial reports from locals claim that at around 7:00 PM they saw the man, who was already on the other side of the overpass, holding its railings, and appeared ready to jump off onto the busy road.

The incident prompted the alerting of emergency personnel from the Zamboanga Quick Response System, the Zamboanga City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, and the Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO)-Divisoria Police Station 5. 

Passers-by attempted to keep the man from jumping off the overpass while waiting for authorities to arrive. 

Rescuers arrived at the scene nearly an hour later. The police immediately stationed a delivery truck in a blockade position on the street, directly below the man who was attempting suicide.

Rescuers set up a ladder close to the truck, climbed up, and approached the man to calm him down and persuade him to stop trying to commit suicide.

Around 9:00 PM, two hours later, the emergency personnel were able to successfully rescue the man. 

According to reports, his suicide attempt was motivated by his depression and his live-in partner, an LGBTQ person who wanted to end their relationship. However, the authorities have yet to confirm this. 

He is now in the custody of the authorities and will be undergoing counseling as a result of the incident. 

If you are experiencing difficult emotional situations and need to talk to someone, trained counselors from the National Mental Health Crisis Hotline are ready to listen to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You can reach them at 1553 (Luzon-wide toll-free landline); 0917-899-8726, 0966-351-4518; 0908-639-2672; or (02) 7989-8727. 

You may also visit this link: for helpful information and advice about mental health and wellness. 

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