During the presence of Typhoon Quinta many crops from Oriental Mindoro were wiped out because of the heavy winds and rainfalls.

From the city of Pola, hectares of bananas and coconuts were destroyed that were about to harvest soon.

The city is currently seeking to help hundreds of families who are affected by the typhoon.

Since last year, 2019 the city already experienced calamities brought by Typhoon Tisoy and was followed by the pandemic. They claim to be having a hard time to recover from the disasters. 

Pola Mayor Ina Alegre mentioned that they are left with P1 million calamity fund and 500 sacks of rice to distribute to the people which is not enough to feed everyone in the city.

She also added that the resources may not take a month before everyone experiences the calamity.

As of now, the province of Oriental Mindoro declares, state of calamity in the area.

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