The union group demanded that their limited salaries be complemented by a hazardous pay and special risk allowance.

Although the PGH Members have been promised to lead health workers,it was not possible to get them since the COVID-19 referral center was formed in March. 

According to the Department of Health, in particular because 4500 people need P59 million, Bayanihan 1 reports that funds for the hazard pay and special risk allowances are to be created by the hospital savings, which UP PGH did not.

The Budget and Management Department (DBM) also offered no support from the UP framework. UP is then forced to pass the trust fund.

Union president Karen Faurillo said it is unacceptable for a DBM to justify their lack of retirement income.

Hereby, UP PGH hopes that next year no further issues will occur because DBM is allocating money to the health staff on the front line.

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