By: Raydes B. Barcia

Legazpi City—Supporters of embattled governor Noel Rosal will hold a vigil nightly at the provincial capitol as they prepare for people power.

Oricolo Sanchez, 54, from Vinisitahan village, Cagraray Island in Bacacay town said that they will conduct a nightly vigil at the capitol while preparing for people power following the disqualification case of embattled governor Noel Rosal following the election offense filed by Joseph San Juan Armogila.

Armogila is a tricycle driver who ran for city councilor in Legazpi under the ticket of Ako Bicol candidate Atty. Alfredo Garbin.

Armogila accused Rosal of violating the 45-day election offense spending ban under the Omnibus Election Code (OEC). The Comelec First Division ruled in favor of the petition of Joseph San Juan Armogila and was affirmed by the Commission on Elections En Banc for violating the 45-day election offense spending ban under the Omnibus Election Code (OEC).

Following the commission ruling, a deafening silence reverberated across Albay province as the majority of the theAlbayanos were hopeful for embattled governor Noel Rosal to secure the temporary restraining order from the Supreme Court as the last arbiter and guardian of the fundamental rights of the people.

But on Friday, supporters of Rosal gathered at the provincial capitol after the Commission on Elections issued the final and executory of its ruling following the absence of TRO from the Supreme Court. Analee Q. Sister, a supporter of governor Noel Rosal, expressed dismay over the Commission on Elections disqualification case.

“Albayanos are craving for justice, for change. As a former village councilor, this is theonly opportunity for the Albayanos to have a genuine and a great leader who works for the grassroots and prioritizes the basic services of the people,”Analee, a resident of Binitayan village in Malilipot town.

Analee is one of the supporters of Rosal who thronged at the Albay provincial capitol on Friday to show her support to the governor.

“Nakakawalang gana bomoto sa sunod na election. If governor Noel Rosal was disqualified for giving aid to senior citizens and tricycle drivers during election time, his action is justifiable because it’s pandemic time. And so, all politicians and party lists used the government funds and programs during election time. But governor Noel Rosal is just continuing his old program for the people affected by the pandemic,” she said.

Dina Panganiban, one of the supporters of Rosal from Sogod village Bacacay town said that she’s never losing hope praying that the governor will be able to get a temporary restraining order so the High Court can check and hear the clamor of the Albayanos.

“I’m praying that the Supreme Court will grant a temporary restraining order and look into the welfare of the Albayanos rather than the vested interest of those politicians working together to topple governor Rosal,” she said.

“We have a workaholic governor who is not corrupt and works for the people. We want a total change in Albay. We want a new leader like him rather than those big politicians who work together trying to kick him from his post. For just 100 days, the hospital services and facilities have improved. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will grant a TRO so governor Rosal will continue his new leadership and programs in Albay,” Panganiban said.

The Commission on Election EnBanc issued on Friday afternoon a Certificate of Finality, declaring the EnBanc’s Resolution on November 18, 2022, final and executory.”

No restraining order has been issued by the Supreme Court within five (5) days from receipt of the parties of the Resolution that would preclude 18 November 2022 Resolution of this Commission (En Banc) from being final and executory,” the commission said.

On November 21, Rosal filed a petition asking the High Court to issue an injunction or a status quo ante order to halt the enforcement of the Comelec decision disqualifying him from his post.

On Nov. 18, the Comelec en banc denied with finality the appeal of Rosal, noting that there is no reason to reverse the Sept. 19, 2022 ruling of the First Division.

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