On Friday Senator Richard Gordon, Chairman of Philippine Red Cross claims “we are not greedy for money”, as opposed to President Rodrigo Duterte’s criticising towards the PRC’s decision of stopping Covid19 tests due to 1.1Billion debt of the government.

This act of the President was during a cabinet meeting while Health Secretary Duque was reporting the country’s Covid19 figures.

Gordon said, “Hindi kami mukhang pera. Pero sabi ko lang, dahan-dahan naman sa pananalita because nakakatulong naman kami. Hindi naman kami umutang, sila ang umutang, sila nagpa-test, ginawa namin. ‘Di ba dapat bayaran ninyo?… I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt out of respect to the president.”

By the middle of October, the PRC had to stop the testing of Covid19 because of PhilHealth’s debt. Testing may resume once debt has been paid, or paid partially.

Gordon also mentioned the remaining debt of PhilHealth with the amount of 377 million.

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