Olympics chief Thomas Bach agreed that 2021 is their last opttion or holding the delayed Tokyo Games, stressing that postponement cannot go on forever.

Bach said on Thursday, May 21, he backed Japan’s stance that the Games will have to be canceled if the coronavirus pandemic isn’t under control by next year.

In March, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was postponed to July 23, 2021 over the coronavirus, which has killed hundreds of thousands around the world and halted international sport and travel.

“Quite frankly, I have some understanding for (Japan’s position) because you cannot forever employ 3,000, or 5,000, people in an organizing committee,” Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, told the BBC.

“You cannot every year change the entire sports schedule worldwide for all the major federations.

“You cannot have the athletes being in uncertainty, you cannot have so much overlapping with a future Olympic Games.”

The IOC leader sai…

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