State universities and colleges will temporarily not hold entrance examinations due to the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

In a report for GMA-7’s “Unang Balita”, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Prospero de Vera said that instead of the entrance exam, the admission of the student will be based on his or her grades.

CHED Commissioner De Vera however clarified that the students’ grades-based admission to the school will still be dependent on the course they are applying for as well as the internal policies of the state colleges and universities.

Many schools also have online admission tests while some are also laying the groundwork for online classes once the school year starts in August.

De Vera said that classes may already start for schools who can already handle the holding of online classes.

Because of the threat posed by the coronavirus disease, the Department of Education (DepEd) has recommended the holding of virtual classes in the mean time to avoid the further spread of the dreaded disease.

Many private schools are now requiring their students to ensure that they have the necessary equipment to handle the holding of classes, like a PC, laptop, or a stable internet connection.

Experts are recommending that the face to face holding of classes be moved to some time in September.

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