Veteran actress Carmina Villarroel playfully teased actor Zoren Legaspi about his past relationships during their recent guesting on the GMA variety show “Sarap, ‘Di Ba?”

Villarroel, who is Legaspi’s co-star in the upcoming GMA Telecinema film “Family Affair,” jokingly asked Legaspi how many girlfriends he has had. Legaspi, caught off guard by the question, could only laugh and say that he has had a few.

Villarroel then pressed further, asking Legaspi to name all of his ex-girlfriends. Legaspi, however, remained tight-lipped and refused to answer, much to Villarroel’s amusement.

The exchange between Villarroel and Legaspi was lighthearted and humorous, and it sparked speculation among fans about Legaspi’s romantic history. Some fans even took to social media to try and guess who Legaspi’s ex-girlfriends are.

Villarroel and Legaspi’s chemistry on “Sarap, ‘Di Ba?” is undeniable, and their playful banter is sure to entertain viewers. It will be interesting to see if their on-screen chemistry translates to real-life sparks.

In the meantime, fans can continue to enjoy watching Villarroel and Legaspi together on “Sarap, ‘Di Ba?” and look forward to their upcoming film “Family Affair.”

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