League of Legends team West Point Esports bags the Predator Community Cup Tournament crown after an intense series versus team Asian Baby Boys.

West Point Esports (WPE) recently made history last September 23, 2021 after 6 of their players were included in the top 10 Challenger tier players in the League of Legends (LoL) Philippine server. WPE is a hungry and fast growing esports team based in the Philippines which also has a great presence in other Southeast Asian countries.

Comprising this elite list is as follows:

  1. David Tapang (WPE yjy), AD Carry of WPE Team 1 undisputed top 1 for 7 months and still counting.
  2. Jan Edward Hortizuela (WPE Cresho), Support of WPE Team 1 peaked at top 2 but currently at top 3.
  3. Cherv Zildjan Dorado (WPE Agrôna), mid lane of WPE Academy Team, current top 6 but peaked at top 2 as well before
  4. Reven Lhi Aloit (WPE Relhia), top lane of WPE Team 1, current top 7 but peaked at top 5
  5. Michael Gawala (WPE Austèrity), Jungler of WPE Academy Team, current top 9 and sub player of WPE Team 1
  6. Andre Dominique Soriano (WPE Calumnia), mid lane and team captain of WPE Team 1, and current top 10

WPE holds an outstanding 98.2% win rate both in local and international tournaments. The esports team was founded last 2019 in Malolos City, Bulacan, but their training facility is currently located at Angeles City, Pampanga.

WPE has two competitive LoL PC teams in the country plus the recently launched WPE Academy team. WPE has also established a competitive team overseas in which players came from different Southeast Asian countries. The team is comprised of two Singaporean players, two Vietnamese players, and one Malaysian player which is headed by a Vietnamese coach.

West Point Esports PH aims to represent the country in the upcoming SEA Games 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam and Asian Games 2022 in Hangzhou, China.

To reach out to the team, kindly visit their Facebook page:

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