By: Jim Lloyd Dongiapon

A special investigation task group (SITG) will be formed to look into the death of businesswoman and model Yvonne Plaza Chua, according to a statement made by the Police Regional Office (PRO) XI on Friday evening, December 30.

PRO XI stated that it was formed at the request of the Davao City Police Office.

It can be recalled that Chua was shot dead in front of her rented house on Buttercup Street, inside Green Meadows Subdivision in Tugbok District, Davao City, on Wednesday, December 28 at around 7:25 p.m.

On the other hand, rumors about the possible reasons for her death have circulated on social media. 

One social media user speculated that Brigadier General Jesus P. Durante III, commander of the Philippine Army’s 1001st Brigade, was the one who killed her.

The user also shared a screenshot of Chua’s post from an unknown date that said, “Jes durante did this to me,” referring to the attached photos of her bruised face and swollen lips, implying physical harm or abuse.

As of this writing, Durante had not issued a statement in response to the allegations. 

Meanwhile, another rumor circulating on social media claims that the victim had a verbal altercation with the gunman after her Montero Sport collided with his motorcycle.

She allegedly cursed and flipped off the gunman, much to his chagrin. The gunman’s companion requested that the victim simply agree to a monetary settlement for the damages, but it was claimed that she insulted them instead, which led to the gunman shooting her multiple times.

A screenshot of the alleged CCTV footage surfaced on social media, showing the gunman about to shoot Chua. The police have yet to confirm its authenticity. 

In light of the social media rumors, Chua’s nephew, Naina Morata, urged netizens to stop spreading false information about her aunt’s death. 

“[On] behalf of [the] Chua Family, please stop spreading false allegations and rumors about the cause of my tita’s death; we, the relatives and her family, are in mourning; please respect her parents and siblings,” Morata wrote in her now-private post.

“Instead of spreading rumors, please pray for her soul. Pati po kami, clueless, walang idea. In shock kami (We are also clueless and in shock),” she added. 

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