Cebu City, once tagged as the epicenter of COVID-19 in the entire country last year, have finally overcome and conquered the 3rd surge of COVID-19.

Cebu City Emergency Operation Center chief implementer Joel Garganera said since the COVID-19 cases surge started in July 2, 2021, the city have reached almost 4,000 active cases within that 10-day reckoning, the highest so far since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Garganera said that the numbers were increasing exponentially and it was almost unstoppable. The hospitals were overwhelmed, the Barangay Isolation Centers and Temporary Treatment at Monitoring Facilities were overflowing with patients. People were dying on the streets and at their own homes. Medical frontliners were on the verge of giving up due to the devastating situation.

“Looking back, it was a nightmare. But today, after three months of war against this faceless, unseeable monster, we have recorded the lowest daily positivity rate since the 3rd surge. Moreover, our active case is even lower than the active cases recorded last July 2, 2021. Numbers in our monitoring sheet are all in a declining trend,” Garganera said.

But he warned that the numbers may be decreasing but the fight is not yet over.

“Lets continue our goal to eradicate COVID in Cebu City,” he further said. (By: April Therese Tan)

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