Republic Act 7934 or the Consumers Act of the Philippines, stating, it’s unlawful to offer any consumer product to the market without putting an appropriate price tag. 

But how about the prices of those we buy online? 

A few days ago, the word “PM SENT” became news, the most popular answer to “HM” or “How much”. 

Often used by online sellers who doesn’t label their products (services) posted on their social media platforms. 

Many consumers complained regarding this scheme of online sellers, questionable to why sellers avoid announcing their product’s price online. 

The Department of Trade and Industry immediately worked on this matter by sharing wacky memes that many online sellers and consumers can completely relate. 

Even DTI’s regional office in Sultan Kudarat reminded all online sellers that “Hindi Cool ang PM sent” (PM sent is not cool) 

Yet, there are still a lot of online entrepreneurs and consumers unaware that it is unlawful to keep prices of products (services) sold online

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